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Making Your Expertise Accessible

I am fascinated by the role that architects, engineers, and planners play in improving our lives and communities, and I love helping them communicate about the difference they make. Maybe that comes from having grown up with a father who was an engineer and an internationally-known authority on handicap access and historic preservation.

My dad instilled in me a love for the work and a deep respect for the people who do it. Over the years, I have represented many leading firms working in the built environment, including Kleinfelder-SEA; Fay, Spofford & Thorndike; Sampson & Weston; Fuss & O’Neill; Sanborn, Head & Associates; and Domenech, Hicks & Krockmalnic.

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The Unique Challenges & Opportunities Of

Exceptionally smart people don’t always have an easy time communicating to the general public. That’s the biggest challenge that architects, engineers, and planners face in promoting themselves and their work. The buildings, systems, and public plans that you create are incredibly complex, and it’s not always easy for you to convey what makes them special in lay terms.

That’s my job. I know how to take your work and make it come alive for the public administrators, developers, and others who need to hire you, but don’t necessarily understand every aspect of what you do. I take your complex ideas and approaches and translate them into articles, press releases, and speeches that will clearly explain how your work transforms lives and communities. I raise your profile and demonstrate why your work is so important – making you indispensable to clients who are looking for an architect, engineer, or planner.

Generating New Business

Your organization needs to generate new business, and public relations is the most effective—and cost-effective—way of reaching large numbers of potential customers and demonstrating what sets you apart from your competition. An article in a national business outlet can reach millions of people; a piece in an industry magazine can reach tens of thousands of people who are already interested in your product or service; and a speaking opportunity at a national symposium can put you in front of hundreds of industry leaders who are interested in what you have to say.

A PR campaign can introduce you and your organization to large numbers of prospects, reintroduce you to old clients and customers, and strengthen your relationships with existing clients and customers. It can help establish your organization as the benchmark against which all others will be judged, and make it the obvious choice to those who are buying a product or services.

Attracting Strategic Partners

Finding the right strategic partners—or being found by them—is just as important. There is no better way to raise your organization’s profile and attract strategic partners than PR. Publicity, public speaking, social media, and other PR approaches can give your organization the prominence it needs and demonstrate your skills, expertise, and values to partners who will want to work with you or refer you to their valuable contacts.

Raising Your Profile

Public relations is about raising your organization’s profile and demonstrating what sets you apart. A strategic PR program can help you and your organization stand out in a crowded marketplace and convince prospective customers and partners to choose you, rather than the competition.

Thought Leadership

Clients want to work with the best and brightest. That’s why an essential element of a public relations program is establishing you and your people as thought leaders. I accomplish this by arranging for my clients to serve as expert sources for news and feature stories, and to author articles in industry and business publications. By demonstrating your special experience and expertise through publicity and speaking opportunities, I can help establish your thought leadership before prospective clients and partners.

Promoting Your Firm’s Values

It’s not always about what you know, though. Who you are is just important. Clients also want to work with people who share their values. My PR programs are also designed to promote your values so you’ll attract the right clients and partners. Catching the attention of people who want to work with you is important, but it’s just as important that they be people with whom you want to work.

 A/E/P Clients

  • Baker/Wohl Architects
  • Domenech, Hicks & Krockmalnic
  • Fay, Spofford & Thorndike
  • Fuss & O¹Neill
  • Kleinfelder-SEA
  • Sanborn Head & Associates
  • Scott/Griffin Architects
  • Warren St. Architects

Bill did amazing things with our PR. High-impact savvy campaigns, and new exposure that aligned perfectly with the firm’s objectives. He positioned us as thought leaders, and delivered measurable results. Andrea Baker, VP Business Development, Kleinfelder-SEA

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