With Bill

Bill is a member of the team
(minus the coffee runs)

I started Smith Phillips in 1997 with the idea of offering principal-level service at a reasonable rate. I had worked at PR agencies where senior-level people were selling the work and junior people were doing it. That’s not how I work. When you hire me, you get me—and my expertise and my contacts. No pitch and ditch here!

I’m also committed to immersing myself in your business. I treat my clients as if I’m an employee—just one who works at another site. I learn your culture, your business, and how your work impacts your clients. It’s not unusual for me to know my clients’ business better than some of their full-time employees!

Bill Knows Your Business

One of the reasons I focus on parking, engineering, architecture, and planning is that I know those industries front-to-back. I also love the work that firms in those industries do, and I love promoting that work. You transform communities and the lives of people who live and work in those communities. I like to think that my affinity for this work shows in the quality of my work and the success of my programs.

Meet Bill

I think it should be fun to go to work every day. So, if you are looking for a stuffy and formal consultant, you won’t find him here. I’m irreverent and love a good (or bad) joke, and while I’m not the world’s worst golfer, I may not be far from it. And I love my beloved Red Sox. Chances are they’ll come up in conversation every now and then.