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Bill thinks parking is sexy.

I am a parking nerd. After more than 20 years of creating public relations programs for parking firms, parking industry groups, technology companies, and other parking organizations, I have genuinely come to love parking. I’m fascinated by the ways parking impacts our lives, the creative solutions engineers and planners come up with to solve difficult parking challenges, and the cool new parking technologies that are constantly being introduced. And yes it’s true, I was quoted in the Chicago Tribune as saying that parking is sexy.

I am the parking industry’s most experienced and accomplished public relations consultant. Since the early 90’s, I have created and implemented strategic public relations programs for some of the parking industry’s best-known and most successful companies, including Walker Parking Consultants, Rich & Associates, Sentry Control Systems, and Passport Parking. I am also the marketing blogger for the International Parking Institute’s Parking Matters program and Parking Professional Magazine’s marketing columnist. Additionally, I am a contributing editor to both Parking Professional and The Parker, the magazine published by the Canadian Parking Association.

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The Unique Challenges & Opportunities of Parking PR

In many ways, the parking industry still operates like the small, intimate industry it was in the fifties and sixties. Everyone seems to know each other, and deals are still made one-on-one. But the industry has grown up since those early days too. Today parking is a $25 billion plus industry, and parking organizations need to market more effectively to compete in this crowded marketplace. A strategic public relations program can be a powerful tool for helping parking organizations achieve their most important organizational goals.

My programs are successful because I understand—and appreciate—parking. I know how it benefits communities, helps promote local business development, and improves the quality of life. Most importantly, I know how to communicate the benefits of parking to a broader audience, and I have a network of media contacts to get that word out.

Generating New Business

Most organizations need to generate new business. Public relations is the most effective—and cost effective—way of reaching large numbers of potential customers, and demonstrating what sets you apart from your competition. An article in a national business outlet can reach millions of people; a piece in an industry magazine can reach tens of thousands of people who are already interested in your product or service; and a speaking opportunity at a national symposium can put you in front of hundreds of industry leaders who are interested in what you have to say. One recent announcement I managed on behalf of a parking client reached over 200 million people in just two days!

A PR campaign can introduce you and your organization to large numbers of prospects, reintroduce you to old clients and customers, and strengthen your relationships with existing clients and customers. It can help establish your organization as the benchmark against which all others will be judged, and make it the obvious choice to those that are buying a product or service.

Attracting Strategic Partners

Just as important for many parking organizations is finding the right strategic partners—or being found by them. There is no better way to raise your organization’s profile and attract partners than a public relations program. Publicity, public speaking, social media, and other PR approaches can give your organization the prominence it needs and demonstrate your skills, expertise, and values to partners who will want to work with you or refer you to their valuable contacts.

Raising Your Profile

Public relations is about raising your organization’s profile and demonstrating what sets you apart. A strategic PR program can help your organization stand out in a crowded marketplace and compel prospective customers and partners to choose you, rather than the competition.

Staying Relevant

The parking industry is constantly evolving. New technologies and parking equipment are constantly being introduced, and new design and planning approaches are always being developed. While staying abreast of new developments is essential, it’s not enough. It’s just as important to demonstrate to the industry—and to those outside the industry who have a stake in parking—that your organization is leading the way. A strategic public relations program is essential to staking out your claim as a leader.

Parking Industry Clients

  • Canadian Parking Association
  • Crane Payment Innovations
  • National Parking Association
  • ParkMagic
  • Passport Parking
  • Rich and Associates
  • Walker Parking Consultants

“Bill’s program has re-energized Walker’s publicity efforts. His extraordinary knowledge of parking has been invaluable in promoting new business development and helping us maintain a high profile.”

~ Sr. Vice President, Walker Parking Consultants

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