Passport Parking, Inc.

Passport Parking, Inc. was one of many fledgling mobile parking payment companies attempting to gain a toehold in an increasingly crowded field. While Passport enjoyed a number of technological advantages over its competition, it still needed to find a way to supplant better established companies.

Smith Phillips created and implemented a strategic public relations program designed to introduce Passport to the parking industry and establish its technology as the obvious choice for owners and operators seeking a mobile payment option. The program was also designed to publicize Passport’s entry into local markets and encourage parkers to use the Passport option to pay for parking. In just a few short months, the public relations program resulted in dozens of media opportunities, including national articles touting the benefits of Passport’s technology and local coverage of Passport’s introduction in a variety of communities. One article—a profile of the company and its founders in the Charlotte Observer—led to a six million dollar investment in the company.

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We were fortunate to have an opportunity to work with Bill Smith. In addition to his skills as a publicist, Bill has extraordinary contacts throughout the parking industry. His network was invaluable as we worked to establish our brand in the industry.

Khristian Guttierez
Managing Partner, Passport Parking, Inc.